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Stage 2

Haven A2 Protein Follow-On Formula - Sachet Box

For infants 6-12 months
$ 6.99 NZD
$ 6.99 NZD
Contains 4 Sachets
Scientifically researched to complement first foods. Containing no added preservatives, antibiotics or GMO ingredients, our formulas are packed with carefully considered nutrition to support growing and developing bodies.

At Haven, we believe a little extra care can make a huge difference, so we’ve partnered with local New Zealand farms to develop a range of A2 protein formula and toddler milk drink for precious tummies.


Key Benefits

100% New Zealand A2 protein milk from grass-fed cows

Gentle on little tummies

No added preservatives, no hormones and no antibiotics


Product Details

Nutritional Information
Preparation Instructions
Feeding Guide

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We are proud to have the Haven A2 protein cow’s milk range stocked nationwide at New World, Pak n Save and select Four Squares.

The Haven A2 goat’s milk range is currently only available for purchase online.

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