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Every mother has a unique journey ahead of her with unique choices to be made. Haven wants mothers to have all the necessary information so you can make your own decisions in your own time.

At Haven, we believe in the amazing benefits of breast milk. We strongly support all mothers and their partners in their breastfeeding journey. It takes a village to raise a child, and support to reach breastfeeding goals is critical.

Breast is Best

At Haven, we are big believers in the awesome natural powers of breastfeeding. Breast milk is a nutritionally complete food that is full of everything your baby needs in the first six months. Not only is breast milk the superfood of all superfoods, it also provides incredible benefits such as defence against infections, colds, allergies and tummy bugs.

While breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, quite often it does not come naturally—so don’t be hard on yourself if this is the case! It’s not often mentioned, but it is a learned skill for both you and your baby and takes practice.

For many, breastfeeding can be a tough undertaking—but whether you feed for a short time or a long time, the intimacy of those quiet moments with your little one are something to treasure forever.

Should you need any advice or further information about breastfeeding, support is available. Enquire with your local GP, Plunket or Healthline or feel free to use our Care Line for breastfeeding tips from our experts to support your journey.

Support Websites

Need some extra support or advice?
Haven suggests these national helplines as a great resource for further advice.

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