Haven Oat Toddler Drink

Oaty goodness for busy growing toddlers

Stage 3 | 12+ Months | 800g cans
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Haven Oat Toddler Drink is the World's first 100% plant-based oat toddler drink, scientifically formulated for little ones aged 12+ months.

Packed full of planty goodness, Haven Oat is the premium choice for parents raising plant-based children and is nutritionally equivalent to our A2 cow or goat toddler milk. 

  • Proudly New Zealand made
  • Crafted with premium oat powder
  • Fortified with oat protein
  • Prebiotics + unique dairy-free probiotics
  • Plant-based Omega 3 DHA from marine algae
  • Lutein for eye health
  • 16 key vitamins and minerals
  • Designed for sensitive little tummies
  • Naturally Gentle
  • Easy to Digest
  • No Dairy, Palm oil, Soy oil or Fish Oil
  • A sprinkle of love
    *This product is manufactured on the same line that processes milk
    *Contains Gluten

    Bundles: 1 Can
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    Product Details


    Our World-first oat-based formulation is full of 100% planty goodness including oat powder and oat protein, prebiotics and unique dairy-free probiotics, DHA, Lutein and 16 key vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of active toddlers.

    You can rest-assured it's full of wholesome dairy-free oaty goodness to the very last drop

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Elizabeth Zhu (Auckland, NZ)
    Great for dairy and soy allergies!

    Our son loved this! He’s allergic to dairy and soy, including eHF formula, and absolutely hated the amino acid formulas. I was at my wit’s end with trying formulas to supplement breastfeeding and solids, and so glad to come across Haven Oat. Totally takes the pressure off breast milk production.

    Sita De Belle (Waikato Region, NZ)
    Actually tastes pleasant!

    We bought this because my 13 month old is dairy intolerant and needs a plant milk replacement designed for growing babies. This smells and tastes pleasant, like oatmilk. It dissolves really well unlike the other plant based toddler milk we tried, which was gritty. Our daughter took it right away, no issues. We'll definitely be buying more. So happy we found it! There are not many products for dairy intolerant toddlers which have enough nutrition and not made with nasty ingredients.